Please pray for young women everywhere –  for the wisdom not to be
drawn into trafficking.

Please pray for the girls in the safe house, that they can find restoration
in Jesus Christ through the love and counseling they receive at the safe

Please pray for those working at the safe houses, for God’s blessing and
for the wisdom to care for these young women.

Please pray for Iana Matei, for health, and strength, and peace of mind
that she is able to deal with all of the day-to-day issues that arise and not
get discouraged.

Pray for the necessary funding that each safe house requires- India,
Nepal, Romania, Russia.

Pray for the entire FFL prayer team and for all of our families, that His
light and love to shine forth from our lives so that He would be glorified.

Please pray for Shanta and her family- for their health and strength for
the betterment of the ministry.

Please pray for the displaced families by the conflict where the PRC
longed to launch its new programs.

Please pray for an orphanage home separated from the rehabilitation
center in Kathmandu.

Please pray for a vehicle for the outing of rescued girls and women and
children living in PRC.


Prayer Requests:

•        Continue to pray for the fun run in Chattanooga coming up in

•        For God to continue to bless the contacts we are making on

•        Pray for the student campaign that we are trying to bring to every
university campus in the Nashville area. For connections to continue to
be made and a fire storm of activity to begin.


•        Colette spoke to Iana the other day in Romania here are some
requests she had for prayer.

-First for finances to come if to help meet the needs of the safe house
-She is also wanting prayer for the finances to finish the hotel in the
mountains they are meeting with farmers to talk about working together.
-Also she has 2 new people coming to work at the shelter pray they
would work out and be a great help to her.
-She is also building a new house for herself so please keep that project
in your prayers as she is not around much to over see the building.

•        We are also moving forward on working with the Movie Call +
Response. They have accepted one of our programs we are working
with in Nepal. It is their border monitoring program.

Pray for funding to continue to come in so that the Hotel in Romania can
move forward.

Pray for the connection with Rugmark and SOUP.  We have not heard
anything further.

Pray for our volunteers, for their protection as they step out with us.

Pray for the church in Tanzania.  Bricks are being made for the church.
They need money for electricity and continued construction.    Also,
Pastor Nguvila’s daughter is needing funding for college.  Pray for God’s
hand of provision, safety, and blessing.

Continue to pray for Cecila & Sarah as we work out the detail for them to
move forward with their work to the Hispanic community.  For God’s
protection over them as they begin this work and for His anointing as
they begin to set us meeting with pastors and community leaders
concerning this outreach.

Barbie and Amy Graham continue to work of the up coming 5k run in
Chattanooga. Continue for all the details and for it to be a great success.

It is Missions week at our church so please be praying for hearts to be
touched concerning those that are in the bonds of slavery. This evening I
am speaking after a film to answer questions. Pray that I would have the
words the Lord would want me to speak to those there. Next Sunday I
am speaking to a Sunday school class.

On October the 27th to the 29th Terah and my self will be going to
Washington. On the 28th we will be attending an event at the White
House with others to talk about international efforts to combat trafficking.
Pray for connections.

Pray for Terah as she continues to work so hard to help us move
forward. For Sara and Cici as the continue to make connections to speak
in the Hispanic community.

For the Safe Houses in

Romania- I talked to Iana the other day and she has 3 new girls under 14
one of those will be staying at the shelter until she is 18 so continue to
pray for Iana to get staff that would be equipped to deal with the girls.

Nepal- Pray for Summan as he is going to have to go back to Nepal in
November as his visa is up. His wife Nelam and their son Netant will stay
here as she continues to go to school. He is worried about finances to
return to Nepal as well as there being enough to leave here so they can
continue to live. Also for finances for the shelter in Nepal.

Russia- continues to be closed from lack of finances

Nicaragua- Doramaria is getting ready to go back to the shelter so pray
for all her details. As well as finances for the shelter.

USA- Pray that I would be able to put details together for those wanting
to work on outreach in Nashville

Answered Prayer and Praise Reports:

Free For Life is now listed on the Call+Response website as coming
soon.  We are listed in the child slavery list.  So when the project in that
list has been funded we will then be on the board for people to donate to
the border monitoring station in Nepal.

The movie did not do as well as hoped in the city of Nashville but all that
said Free For Life had a really good turn out from those we work with at
the schools in the area.

The team of volunteers continues to grow and we will have some new
inters working with us

Cici and Sara had their first presentation to the Hispanic community and
it went really well.

  –  FFL is moving forward on working out the details for the Hispanic
division of Free For Life

New volunteers.  We’ve been so blessed with many helping hands!


Collette received a letter from Doramaria in Nicaragua starting to put the
information we may need to work with that shelter. Right now they have
8 girls that were victims of trafficking. They are getting 4 more in soon. I
am including one so you can read it for yourselves. These are the worst
of the worst cases. Pray God will continue to put things together if it is
His will to work with them. Pray for restoration in these young girls’ lives.

Ligia, age 13

Ligia was living with her mother and siblings in Bonanza, Costa
Atlañtica. Her mother took Ligia and abandoned her other children, to go
to Managua.  She met a man who was renting a room in a house where
other people lived.  This man was an alcoholic.  Ligia and her mother
moved in with this man.  Later the mother left the country and left Ligia
with this man to be his slave.  Ligia did not know about her mother’s
whereabouts.  Ligia did not speak Spanish. Her native lan guage is
Mequito, so she could not even communicate.  Ligia would cook, clean
and then this perpetrator would force her to sleep with him where he
sexually molested her.  One day Ligia sneaked out of the room and was
able to convey to the lady of the house what was happening.  Once
investigated, authorities took her into protective custody and placed her
in a center.

Prayer Requests from the FFL Prayer Team :

•        Janette Jager is on a mission trip to Montana. She ask that we be in
pray for the team and for her, that they will have protection as they travel
by motor homes and trucks; it is a long drive.  She also ask for
protection from accidents or injury while they are working and sharing
Jesus with others

•        Alissa is in the process of purchasing a new home. Please pray for
loan process and closing to go smoothly as well as the move itself. Also,
today is my son David’s 10th Birthday! Please keep him in your prayers
as well for him to be strong in his faith and that he would fulfill the Lord’s
purpose for his life.

Thank you all and God Bless and keep you in His gracious loving


We are waiting to hear about 3 grants that FFL has applied for for Nepal
and local efforts.  Pray for favor and a timely response.

Also be in prayer for a Grant for the Transitional Living Home that Stacia
Freeman & Dan Bercu put together.  This is for The Home Foundation to
move forward in this endeavor as part of their H.O.M.E.S. project that will
coordinate several homes across the country and set a standard.

Thank you for your faithful prayers!

Last updated: October 20, 2008