“Breaking The Chains Of Human Trafficking”

To raise awareness and financial aid for safe houses around the
world that is working tirelessly in the rescue and restoration
of children from labor and sex slavery.
To bring awareness and education to the public as a whole, the
church, and physicians about the existence and prevalence of
human trafficking in our society.
To bring compassion, integrity, and the love of Christ in all
that we do.

Iana Matei, the founder of Free For Life Ministries, is currently committed to providing support
for Reaching Out, a safe house in Romania for victims rescued
from human trafficking.  Reaching Out has been operating
since 1998.  This house has provided safety and help for over
170 victims who have found their way there.  Once there, the girls
are provided (free of charge) residence at the safe house, job training,
service schooling, and counseling.  The girls attend services
help and are integrated back into society by partnering with
individuals who provide a place to live after they leave the safe

Reaching Out has been recognized by
the U.S. State Department as one of the heroes on the front lines in
the war against human trafficking.  She has also has made
presentations to the United Nations on this important issue.

Reaching Out is solely supported through contributions.  Right
now the house is in desperate need of funds to meet their daily
needs.  We are committed helping in their support, and have set an
initial goal of 1,000 individuals committing to a pledge of just $10.00
monthly.  In doing so we can help  Reaching Out continue to
operate effectively, and sow into the future of these amazing girls.

Founded in 1988 by Shanta Sapkota, Peace Rehabilitation Center
has been rescuing victims of human trafficking for almost 20 years.
They also have a plan to open an AIDS hospital due to the large number
of cases they see.They have great vision as they realize that this fight can only be won by
combating trafficking on the front end.  For this reason they are on a
mission to prevent trafficking at it’s root sources – primarily poverty and
illiteracy.  Their programs include border monitoring to prevent girls
from being taken out of the country, education of girls at risk through
community training, vocational training, economic assistance through
donations of goats and cows to economically empower the girls,
educational skits, etc.  They have been extremely successful in these
programs and have been responsible for capture of over 25 traffickers
at the border crossings alone.  Free For Life Ministries is committed to
supporting these amazing individuals to continue to do what they are
doing so well.Click Here
to view a video highlighting the border monitoring program in Nepal.


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